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How To Locate The Best Out-Of-State Movers For Moving To Connecticut

One of the reasons that many people hesitate in moving anywhere is that they often have too many things that need to come with them. Imagine a family of four, and all of the belongings that they would have in their home, needing to be packed up and transitioned to a completely different location. You need to know a little bit about the different moving companies that are in Connecticut. In fact, Connecticut is a wonderful place to live for many different reasons. There are certain tips that you need to consider before finding out-of-state movers that can provide you with affordable quotes. Here is an overview of some of the major cities in Connecticut that you may be moving to and how to find the best movers for this Herculean task.

What You Should Know About Moving Companies

There are three things that you need to know about moving companies. First of all, there are only a few of them that are going to move you out-of-state.

For example, if you are moving from Florida to Connecticut, or if you are in a neighboring state like New Hampshire, these companies will need to be experts at getting permits and must have enough manpower and trucks to get you there. Second, consider their history. If they have done this for decades, then you can trust them. Finally, the prices that you are quoted will often be very different as you go from company to company. That's why getting multiple quotes is so very important.

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Why Is Connecticut A Wonderful Place To Live?

There are a wide variety of reasons that you would want to live in Connecticut.

There is a rich history, complete with stunning architecture, beautiful historic sites, and excellent schools if you have children that will be with you.

They also have wonderful restaurants, and there are certain areas that are close to the shoreline, giving you quite a bit of variety when it comes to doing things throughout the year.

There are so many cities that you can choose from. You can start with the largest which is Bridgeport, or you may want to consider New Haven, Hartford, or one of the many others.

All of them have something to offer in terms of jobs, amenities, and activities that you can do, plus it's also a wonderful place to retire.

How To Compare The Different Moving Companies

To compare Connecticut moving companies, you need to look for a couple different things. You need to know that they have done this before, especially moving from where you live now to the state of Connecticut. If they have, then you will want to get a quote from them. You will likely have several quotes come in from companies that are virtually identical. What will be differences the prices they will charge and availability. Contacting them early before you move is so important. You need to know that they have the time, and that they will be able to help you on a specific date if you need one. Make sure the moving company in Connecticut that you are choosing is registered and licensed to do a state to state move, ask about the way they are quoting your household goods, if by cubic/ft or by weight and don’t forget about packing and unpacking service and storage availability (if needed).

How To Make The Right Choice

To make the right choice, it's always a combination of the same four factors. First, consider how old the company is. Second, consider the prices that they are quoting you. Third, make sure that they can do an out-of-state move. Fourth, very important to make sure the moving company you chose is registered with your state and licensed. Fifth, confirm multiple times the services that will be provided to you. Finally, you need to be able to contact these companies and speak with representatives. It's important to be comfortable with the people that will be with you while you are moving. All of these factors contribute to making the right choice and what you may notice is that you may pay a little bit extra just to be with a company that you trust more than all of the others.

If you're going to move to Connecticut soon, you now have all of the reasons why you should choose to work with an out-of-state moving company. You have likely chosen a spot in Connecticut, perhaps one of the major cities, to relocate to because of a job or perhaps you are retiring. Regardless of why you are moving there, these tips on how to choose an out-of-state moving company will help you find the best one. Long-distance moving companies are sometimes hard to come by. That's why it is imperative that you contact them as early as possible to make sure they can give you the time that you need and move you on the date that you have chosen.

For interstate moves, you can verify that a mover is federally licensed by calling the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) at (202) 385-2423

The Bureau of Public Transportation oversees the regulation of moving companies, taxis, livery operators and bus companies.

Agency: Department of Transportation, Bureau of Public Transportation
Address: 2800 Berlin Turnpike, Newington, CT 06111
Phone: (860)-594-2000
Website: ct.gov/dot

Protect Your Move (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration)

US Department of Transportation
1200 New Jersey Avenue SE
Washington, DC 20590

American Moving & Storage Association
1611 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

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