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Colorful Colorado, as it’s often known, is an eclectic and stunning state in the West that’s growing in popularity and stature in recent years. This natural wonder tucked into the mountains and rolling hills of the West has long been a nature lover’s favorite getaway, but has gained more popularity in recent years due to a growing economy and its relaxed marijuana legislation.

If you’re getting ready to move up to Colorado, you’re definitely going to want to hire a good moving company to help you navigate the mountains and hills with your belongings and possessions. If moving to Colorado is going to happen in the near future for you, we’ve got the best tips and tricks for ensuring your move is smooth and successful.

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Why Move to Colorado?

Many people are immediately drawn to Colorado simply due to the amount of outdoor activities and natural beauty that’s splayed across the stunning outdoor state. In fact, Colorado is home to a number of national parks and boasts pristine lakes, mountains, caverns, waterfalls, and rock formations that are a rock climber or camper’s dream come true.

Colorado is also without a doubt one of the best states to move to thanks to their rapidly growing population and business climate. Recent marijuana legislation has caused an economic boom, so if you’re looking to capitalize on Denver’s quickly booming business climate it’s definitely time to consider a move.

Colorado Moving Companies - What You Need to Know

Moving to Colorado is a bit of a challenge depending on where in the country you’re moving from, but it’s actually simpler than you might think if you use the assistance of a well-certified Colorado moving company.

Because Colorado is such a terrain-heavy state with many different mountains and challenging inclines to navigate, it’s important to hire a versatile and functiona moving company that can help you move to any part of Colorado, whether it’s a far removed home in the middle of a park or into a packed apartment in Denver.

It’s generally advised to move to Colorado in the spring and summer just because the winter snow can make traveling with a moving truck a challenge, but if you’re in a time crunch a qualified moving team can help you transport your belongings across the country without proving a risk to others.

Finding the Right Out of State Moving Company in Colorado

Finding the right out of state moving company in Colorado is as simple as relying on their reviews, credentials, and service packages. Check with friends or other message boards of people who have recently moved in the area to see if any of them have used and enjoyed the services of that company before. You should also check their ranking on BBB and ensure that they’re well liked by their clients.

Tips on Moving to Colorado

Moving to Colorado is the perfect move for anyone ready for a natural-centered lifestyle and a changing economy. Whether you’re a born outdoor lover or someone ready to become an entrepreneur, there’s endless opportunities available in Colorado that will both inspire and motivate you.

For interstate moves, you can verify that a mover is federally licensed by calling the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) at (202) 385-2423

Out of state movers in Colorado are regulated by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC). Every long distance and local moving company should have a PUC permit number to be allowed to move household goods.

Before you relocate from Colorado please confirm that the moving company you are hiring is permitted in Colorado.

To check if a moving company is licensed at the PUC please visit the website below:

Agency: Public Utilities Commission
Address: 1560 Broadway, Suite 250, Denver, CO 80202
Phone: (303) 894-2000
Permits and Insurance: 800-888-0170
Website: https://puc.colorado.gov/movers

Protect Your Move (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration)

US Department of Transportation
1200 New Jersey Avenue SE
Washington, DC 20590

American Moving & Storage Association
1611 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

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