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One of the reasons that many people hesitate in moving anywhere is that they often have too many things that need to come with them. Imagine a family of four, and all of the belongings that they would have in their home, needing to be packed up and transitioned to a completely different location. You need to know a little bit about the different moving companies that are in Connecticut. In fact, Connecticut is a wonderful place to live for many different reasons. There are certain tips that you need to consider before finding out-of-state movers that can provide you with affordable quotes. Here is an overview of some of the major cities in Connecticut that you may be moving to and how to find the best movers for this Herculean task.


Rank Name 2021 Pop 2010 Census Density (mi²)
1 Portland 65,835 66,088 455
2 Lewiston 36,409 36,583 159
3 Bangor 32,356 33,024 141
4 South Portland 25,364 24,994 313
5 Auburn 23,564 23,054 59

Portland is located in Cumberland in the southwest part of the state and is well-known as a major port city for both Maine and the whole New England area.

Lewiston is located in Androscoggin County in the southwest part of the country. Lewiston is situated not too far from the south of Augusta.

Bangor is placed in Penobscot County in the central-southern part of the state. Its metropolitan area is home to over 150,000 individuals.

South Portland is positioned in Cumberland County, is situated just south of Portland. It is the major city in Maine.

Auburn is positioned in Androscoggin County in the southwest part of the state. It has strong ties with the local city of Lewiston. Together, these two cities are known as the 'Twin Cities'.

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Maine is among the top most safest states to live in. It has the lowest violent crime and assassination rates.

It is known for its historical rural areas. Portland is famous for its beautiful panoramic views.

The beautiful state of Maine has wonderful season that adds some more factors to settle-in here. When we discuss about the fall season in Maine, it is not possible to neglect the delightful views in orange, yellow and some redish colors.

Its quality of life has been graded as the uppermost in the nation.

It has some wonderful views of beach that also attract tourists.

It has green forests that cover about 90 percent of the state.

The savings of living here certainly fascinate residents. Forbes Magazine rated Portland, one of the most habitable cities.

People of this state love to eat. There are plenty of different foods that you can enjoy.

If you want to get benefited by renting your place, you can make an agency to guide you on rating and preparing your home for listing. Most Maine holiday rentals are typically available by the week, but some cottages rent nocturnally or for a weekend. Huts can be borrowed for the whole season.

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A moving company or a removalist is a company that supports people and businesses move their goods from one location to another. It offers comprehensive services for transfers like loading, moving, unloading, unpacking, packing, positioning of items etc.


If you’re intending to move here, you must hire Maine’s trustworthy movers to assist you safely move your valued belongings into your new home.

For interstate moves, you can verify that a mover is federally licensed by calling the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) at (202) 385-2423

Protect Your Move (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration)

US Department of Transportation
1200 New Jersey Avenue SE
Washington, DC 20590

American Moving & Storage Association
1611 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

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