Moving 101: How To Find A Cheap And Best Moving Company?

Published: Oct 19, 2021

How To Find Cheap And Best Moving Company

Looking To Get The Best And Chap Moving Company To Move Your Belonging From One State To Another?

Residential move is an overwhelming, daunting, and emotional task. Moving not only requires immense effort but also a good time and exorbitant amount of money. Therefore, you need to plan each step of this relocation process with great foresight and utmost care to minimize moving costs.

Many people consider a moving process a DIY job and do it by themselves to save some amount. However, it’s just wishful thinking. You have to spend a huge amount on packing materials and transportation. Plus, you may damage plenty of precious things due to inexperience. As a result, DIY can be more costly than hiring a professional cheap mover. But how to hire the best moving company for the residential move?

Many people prefer going with expensive companies as they consider them the safest options. However, it’s not always the case. Being expensive doesn’t always show the quality. You can hire the best moving company at a reasonable price. In this article, we will guide you on how to find a cheap and best moving company. Read the guide carefully…

How to Find a Cheap and Best Moving Company?

Start Shopping Around for Movers ASAP

If you start looking for cheap and the best movers earlier, you have more chances to secure an affordable and reputable moving company. You should try to book moving companies as early as possible because you most possibly won’t find cheap movers at the last minute.

You can find many experienced and trustworthy moving professionals if you begin looking for moving companies various months before the actual relocation date. Plus, starting this process earlier not only help you to get professional and cheap movers but also good discount as well. Because these companies want to secure as many moving jobs as they can ahead of time.

Get Recommendations

The first and foremost step is to get recommendations from different credible sources for finding the best moving companies. Because all movers claim to be the best among all.

Ask your friends and family members for recommendations if they know any such cheap and quality movers. Plus, you should check reviews and feedback of their customers on the internet. Visiting their social media pages and reading the comments of their customers also depicts the quality of their services.

If many people admire the same movers, it means they are offering the best services. You should enlist such movers and later on shop around to find the cheapest rates. Whether you are looking for a short-distance or long-distance moving company, you must ask friends, neighbors relate, and co-workers to recommend a good affordable mover if they know any.

Assess all Recommendations

After getting some recommendations, it’s time to sift through affordable moving companies among all. Then, you should shortlist some movers that seem suitable to suit your needs and available budget.

Many factors help you to shortlist some reliable and affordable movers. For example, you can check the ratings of movers that help you get an accurate idea about their professionalism, affordability, reliability, etc.

Researching their online profiles gives you useful clues about the trustworthiness and competence of movers. For instance, look for warning signs like lack of physical address and USDOT, etc. Plus, visit their social media pages and read comments to know their credibility. Don’t forget to get the opinions of people who worked with the movers recently.

Many consumer protection sites like Moving Scam maintain the history of consumer complaints. You should also visit such sites to read some of the complaints of the consumer. Reading some of the feedback gives you the complete picture of movers.

Get At-Least Three Affordable Quotes

After shortlisting some of the best moving companies, you should now get at least three in-home estimates from movers. Don’t rely on online given estimates because they will never be accurate. You should request representatives of each shortlisted moving company to come to your home for a visual survey.

Show them everything you want to transfer so that they know the actual number, size, and weight of the moving items. Further, provide them all the relevant information like possible difficulties or obstacles to perform a smooth move. Plus, you should discuss other necessary details like pick-up date, packing restrictions, extra services, and delivery time, etc.

In addition to this, you should ask all the related questions from the companies’ representatives to kill your confusion. For example, you can ask for the company’s full address, website address, phone number, USDOT, and MC license number. This detailed information sharing will avoid misunderstanding and help them to give you accurate quotes.

Compare the Offers

Make sure that the final estimates should explicitly contain all the details and conditions you have agreed on with the moving company. For instance, you should clearly mention the type and quantity of goods, pick-up, delivery time, and the distance to your new residence, etc. Plus, all the information should be full and correct.

After getting multiple quotes from different companies, you should compare and analyze all offers carefully. Pay full attention to what exactly those quotes contain like special conditions or extra services.

Try to explore different options to reduce the final price. For instance, you can ask for special discounts offered by short-distance or long-distance moving companies. Utilize your negotiation skills to lower the rates as much as possible. Remember instead of comparing only prices, you shouldn’t forget to compare the quality and services as well.

After an in-depth assessment, you will be able to find the winner among all. After that, verify the license and insurance information of the company. Double-check the complaint history of the selected company. Hooray! You have found the cheapest and the best moving company.

Wrapping Up

Finding the best of the best moving company can be a tedious job. Therefore, you must try to start looking for reliable and cheap movers as early as possible when you have made your mind for house shifting. Get feedback from different people you know who have used the company’s services recently.

Then, get multiple quotes from the best moving companies in your area. Compare the quotes and try to figure out the winner among all. Then, you should visit the company’s office in person to find evidence of their reliability and overall working atmosphere in the company. The process will be the same for short-distance or long-distance moving companies. So follow the process and find the cheapest and the best moving company for a successful resident move.

We recommend using a moving calculator tool at StateToState Moving Systems to calculate your long-distance moving quote.

A moving calculator tool is a free tool that can help you get an accurate price for your out-of-state move and a description of the service that will be provided by the movers on your moving date.

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