Moving to California From Arizona: A Checklist

Published: Mar 24, 2022

Moving from Arizona to California

Moving to California From Arizona: A Checklist

You want to move to California, and you're not alone in that. Despite fluctuating housing prices, droughts, and earthquakes, it's hard to resist the pull of beautiful, sunny California.

In fact, moving to California now might be beneficial seeing as the state is experiencing a decline in incoming moves. When you finally decide it's time to move to the golden state, you'll need to do more than grab a pair of sunglasses.

Moving from one state to another is no easy feat! Between making sure everything is packed to double-checking to-do lists, moving can be very stressful.

That's why at State To State Move, we make your out-of-state moves as easy as possible by taking care of everything. We're professionals who know how to handle your items with care as if they were our own.

Our biggest priority is making sure your move is as convenient as possible so that all you have to do is enjoy transitioning to your new home.

That's why we have even created a list to help you with your move from Arizona to California. Read on to see our ultimate moving checklist before you move to California!

1. Choose a Moving Company That Works for You

A long distance move is the kind of big move that will require the help of professionals.

Unless you happen to have a large truck and a lot of helpful friends, employing professionals to move your items is the best choice you can make for yourself.

When it comes to hiring professionals, there are a few things to keep in mind. Cost, level of service, and an outstanding reputation should be three things to heavily consider and compare when you're looking at companies.

At State To State Move, we're so confident that we provide everything you need for your move that we encourage you to compare moving companies before making your choice. After all, you're trusting the company you choose to handle all your precious belongings.

You will want to go with the company that is the easiest on your wallet while still providing you with the level of service you want. The best movers will be professional and have experience handling every kind of item or piece of furniture with care.

For instance, you may pay less for a moving company that only moves your items into the truck and to your new home.

If you want a company that will pack your things for you and also move them with proper equipment and packaging, you may pay more but it will make your move smoother and less stressful.

It's also a good idea to read reviews before you pick a company. A company may have great prices and a long list of services, but if you can't trust them to handle your furniture and items, why take the risk?

2. Get Lean and Clean

Moving is a dirty job. No matter how careful you are, dust and dirt are bound to take over during the moving process.

If you want to make things as easy for you as possible, and as pleasant for the movers as possible, do yourself a favor and clean everything first.

This means taking the opportunity to go through your belongings to get rid of dust and wipe them off before you pack them into their boxes.

Even if you clean your home on a regular basis, you'll be surprised by how much dust and dirt can accumulate when you're not paying attention.

This will give you an opportunity to create a fresh, clean start in your new home. Speaking of your new home, you'll want to thoroughly clean every room once you get moved in as well.

Moving will also allow you to go through your belongings and get rid of anything that you no longer want. While some items will be old or broken and can be thrown away, you can donate any items that are still useable.

Most donation places will take things like clothes, furniture, household items, certain electronics, and entertainment items like DVDs and CDs or records.

Trimming down on what you take will mean less clutter for you, less work for movers, and less that you have to unpack and arrange in your new home.

3. Organize Your New Life

There is a lot to get done before you make your long distance move to California! Besides the usual things like packing and planning the move, there's a whole laundry list of to-do items that you'll thank yourself for taking care of beforehand.

Ask for time off from your job weeks in advance to make sure you have a few days to organize yourself during and after your move. If you have kids, make sure to arrange for them to transfer to new schools in advance.

If you think you will need to rent a storage space while you organize your new home, make sure to reserve for storage weeks in advance as well.

If you plan to drive yourself to California, get your car checked by a mechanic and get it serviced if needed. The last thing you want is to get stuck in the desert between Arizona and California. If you're renting a car, arrange for the rental weeks in advance.

You will want to change your address with the post office. Make sure to contact your health insurance and car insurance to either cancel their services for a company in California or to notify them of your new address.

Have your medical records and prescriptions forwarded to your new doctor and pharmacy. Research and choose new daycares, veterinarians, gyms, or any other services that are a regular part of your life.

Get a Quote Today Before Moving to California

Moving to California is a big choice! Moving anywhere can feel overwhelming, but now you have this checklist to help you keep yourself organized.

Choosing a moving company to help you with your big day is important. That's why we encourage you to shop around and compare companies.

Get your free quote from us at State To State Move today and learn about the services we provide for your big move.

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