The Tremendous Benefits of Using Professional Moving Services

Published: Jan 18, 2022

The Tremendous Benefits of Using Professional Moving Services

The Tremendous Benefits of Using Professional Moving Services

Congrats on finding a new place!

Whether you're moving to your dream home or settling in a new area closer to family, there's no doubt that moving is a rewarding process. But after the initial excitement of signing on to your new place wears off, you'll realize that you have a lot of work ahead of you.

From packing up all of your possessions to transporting them safely, a state-to-state move could take weeks or even months. But you can make the process much easier by getting help from a team of experts.

Below we explain the top 5 reasons why professional moving services are a necessity for your upcoming move.


Hiring a moving service will end up saving you money. At first, this may not seem believable - how will spending money on an additional service help you to save?

The key is to understand that there are some costs that are unavoidable in moving. Regardless of whether you’re moving on your own or you hire a team, you’ll still need to pay for transportation and gas. You’ll also have to pay for boxes, tarps, cables to keep items upright during transport, and packaging insulation.

You’re really only saving money because you’re not hiring additional people to assist with the move. But how much does this really help you?

You’ll likely have to take more trips back and forth because you won’t be as efficient at packing. You’ll also spend more time packing on your own when you could be working. It’s also more likely that you’ll accidentally damage an item from your inexperience.

Especially if you’re long-distance moving, using the services of a professional mover will be much more cost-effective in the long run. Using two trucks instead of three to transport your items across multiple states will save you thousands on gas alone.

Time-Effective Packers

In addition to saving you monetary costs, hiring a moving service will save you time and energy. They'll know how to move items out of your home and into a moving truck quickly.

You can also expect your professional moving company to offer packing services, which you should take advantage of. No matter how efficient of a packer you think you are, you’re not going to be as fast as a team of experts.

Packing up your property will likely take you longer than you think, from getting distracted to having difficulty deciding which items will be packed first.

Residential movers will be able to focus on the job and will pack your items in the way that objectively makes the most sense.

Professional moving teams also have the benefit of numbers. Packing up your property on your own or with a few family members can be timely, but a team of professional movers will divide and conquer. They’ll get done in hours what may have taken you a day.

Less Stress

Moving is often considered to be one of the most stressful life events. Respondents in one survey said that moving was even more stressful than marriage or divorce.

And it’s no surprise that many people get overwhelmed by stress during the moving process. You have to keep track of deadlines, paperwork, heavy lifting, and countless details. For some people, a move requires uprooting their live to another part of the country or world.

When you outsource the moving process to a professional team, you’ll greatly reduce the amount of stress that comes with moving. A team of experienced movers will be able to meet deadlines and handle the heavy lifting without trouble.

With a moving team assisting you, you can relax and focus on the other details of your move. You shouldn’t have to think about how you’ll get your large sectional out of your living room’s tiny doorframe.

Moving with extra care

Extra Care

You may prefer completing the moving process yourself because you want to keep a close eye on all your furniture. After all, isn’t a team of strangers going to care less about protecting your furniture than you?

Although it may be difficult to let go of the reins and trust a moving team, you’ll actually fare better by leaving the moving to the professionals.

Movers take care in transporting items and furniture - they want to keep your items safe just as much as you do. They also have the expertise to transport our items in the safest way possible.

What’s more, a moving team will have the equipment and protective materials to keep all of your items protected during the moving process. They'll also keep your house damage-free by using floor runners and stair-case slips to prevent scratches.

And before movers even arrive on your property, you’ll likely sign a contract that will protect you in the case of damage. So, if a mover accidentally drops one of your boxes, everything inside will be covered.

No Injuries

If you’ve never done a big move before, you may not realize how physical of a process it is. Packing boxes is just the beginning - you’ll need to transport furniture and heavy boxes out of your home, into a truck, and then into your new place.

While you’re transporting items, you’ll encounter narrow hallways and doorframes that could hurt your items or yourself if you squeeze into a narrow space and get pressed up against a wall.

Don’t forget that you’ll have to move heavy pieces up and down staircases. Lift them improperly and you may throw out your back or slip and fall.

Moving contractors use a mixture of equipment and rely on their trains teams to keep everyone safe and transport your items safely. You’ll also have an insurance policy that protects your items should they get damaged.

Hiring Professional Moving Services

Moving is already a challenging enough process - don't make it harder on yourself. By hiring professional moving services, you can rest assured that your belongings will arrive safely at your new home.

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