What to Consider before Hiring Long Distance Moving Companies: A Guide

Published: Dec 14, 2021

Hiring Long Distance Movers

What to Consider Before Hiring Long Distance Moving Companies: A Guide

Are you looking forward to relocating to another state? If yes, it's time you consider the available long-distance moving companies.

The U.S. moving service industry is currently worth USD18.5 billion. Finding professional moving services with many state-to-state movers can be challenging. A wrong long-distance mover will waste your money and possibly damage your items.

Hiring the right out-of-state moving companies will give you peace of mind. These moving companies have great expertise – you'll get value for your money.

Maybe you're asking yourself, "how can I find good long-distance moving companies?" Keep reading to learn more on the subject.

The Provided Services

The extra services provided by a moving company determine the customers' satisfaction. For example, when relocating from California to Texas, you need a moving company with various services.

The first additional moving service is packing and unpacking. Proper packing of your items will determine their safety while on transit. Good moving companies have professional packers to take care of the customers' belongings.

You may be having large furniture items. Look for a long-distance moving company that will safely disassemble and reassemble these items. This will make furniture transportation easier and faster.

Rearranging your items in the new office or home can be tedious. Go for a company that will not leave you stranded after moving the items to your new place.

The Customer Reviews

Thorough research is key to finding good moving companies. The moving service industry has many fraudsters.

Avoid getting defrauded by getting more ground information about the company. Ensure that you know what kind of long-distance moving companies you're looking for.

Check the website of the company first. Check more about their services, history, and available reviews. The customer reviews will enlighten you about their satisfaction. Avoid long-distance companies with negative customer reviews or low ratings.

You can also get recommendations from close people. Consult people who have hired state-to-state movers and not local movers.

Moving Insurance

Long-distance moving comes with many risks. Your items can get damaged or lost on the way. So, it would be best if you had maximum protection for your items. Ensure that you choose insured long-distance moving services.

There are types of moving insurance you ought to consider. You'll get full compensation for all your damaged/lost items with these insurance covers. You'll either get new items or have the damaged items repaired.

Moving insurance will save you from unnecessary expenses. The entire moving process is costly. Spending more on replacing or repairing your items can be stressful. So, moving insurance is necessary for your peace of mind.

When checking the moving insurance, ensure that it is from a recognized insurer. The insurance should also be relevant – not expired.


Compared to local moving, long-distance moving is quite complex and unpredictable. So, make sure that you choose a flexible moving company.

The company should accommodate all your changes. One determinant of flexibility is when you're allowed to hire moving services. For flexible long-distance moving companies, you can hire them some months before.

Another determinant of flexibility is negotiation. Flexible moving companies have room for negotiations. You can negotiate for price reductions and save some dollars in the end. So, flexibility will lead you to cheap long-distance moving companies.

Something may come up and force you to extend your moving date. A flexible moving company will allow you to change your moving schedule. Basically, flexible, out-of-state moving companies work to fit the customers' unique needs.

Long Distance Moving Companies


You need to be sure that you're hiring a legit moving company. The only proof you can rely on is the license. Make sure that you hire a registered mover with all relevant information.

A license shows that the company has well-trained workers. So, you don't have to worry about the entire moving process.

Again, licensed long-distance movers understand all the safety moving guidelines. They have the skills and expertise to handle the customers' items safely. So, the license is an assurance that all your items will be safe until you settle in your new place.

You may not easily tell fake moving license. So, ensure that the mover's license is legal. You should also avoid moving companies operating with expired licenses.

The Price

Don't hire a long-distance moving company until you know the charged fees. Avoid extremely cheap moving companies. However, it would help not ignore long-distance movers with low-priced quotes.

Ensure that you contact several moving companies to know their prices. Get their price estimates and create a fitting budget. Very expensive long-distance movers may also strain you financially.

Reputable cheap long-distance moving companies will make everything clear. In case of additional fees, you'll know before signing the contract. So, ensure that the moving company gives you a full breakdown of the fees.

Many cheap moving companies offer guaranteed quotes. This is a trap that can cost you more cash in the end. Be wary of various moving contracts before signing.

Moving Budget While Moving Out Of State

The Experience

State-to-state moving requires high competency levels. A good long-distance mover should have enough experience.

An experienced long-distance moving company understands the regulations of different states. Experienced movers understand all the requirements for safe moving processes.

Hiring experienced movers is the surest way of getting value for your money. You'll have all your needs met.

Take time to get information about the moving company. Check its website to know the period it has been in the moving service industry.

You can also schedule a free consultation with the company. This will also help you see its work track record.

Use the Above Tips When Choosing Long Distance Moving Companies

Long-distance movers are important for out-of-state moving. Choosing good state-to-state movers will make your residential or commercial moving easy and cost-efficient.

It would be best to have a proper guide for choosing the right long-distance moving companies. Consider insurance, price, license, etc.

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