Moving Tips While Moving With Small Kids

Published: Mar 18, 2021

Moving Tips While Moving With Kids

Moving Tips While Moving With Small Kids Or After Having A Baby

Are you intending to move with toddlers? Moving is equally stressful for kids as it is for grownups.

It’s because small kids feel safe at home, in neighborhoods, and places they are familiar with. The great unknown not only brings excitement but also brings out anxiety.

You can reduce your kids’ anxiety by hiring cheap moving companies. How? Because out-of-state movers will manage everything during the relocation process. Meanwhile, you will have enough free time to pay full attention to your kids.

You should talk to them about the upcoming event and portray it asa fun and exciting adventure in their sight. In this guide, we will cover different moving tips while moving with small kids. Let’s begin…

Moving Tips When Moving With Kids

Discuss the Move With Them

Most parents don’t tell their small kids about moving or relocation. Well, it might sound silly to most of you but you should talk to older babies and toddlers about the upcoming move. Because it not only keeps them calm but also helps them to know what to expect.

Obviously, this tip won’t apply to a newborn baby. Instead, you should try to remain calm during the entire process. Because small children’s emotions are linked with their parent’s emotions. If you are stressed, your kids will become stressful too. Therefore, stay calm during relocation to keep your kids calm.

Do Hire Childcare

On a moving day, you should hire childcare if it’s affordable for you. We highly recommend doing so if you aren’t hiring any professional state-to-state moving companies. It won’t only help save your sanity but also keep your baby safe from harm.

You may take your eyes off of your kid in a chaotic move. Doing this even for a moment can be disastrous for your kid. Ask a family member or babysitter to keep an eye on a little one during the relocation process for his safety.

Make Your Move Concrete AMAP

Only informing the toddlers about moving isn’t enough because it raises many questions in their minds. You must prepare your children for residential move adequately. Because what they’re leaving behind like school and neighborhood kids can make them stressed.

Therefore, you should hire any of the professional long-distance moving companies. And, you pay your all attention to your kids and answer the queries they have in their minds. Plus, clarify to them who all is coming on this new adventure like pets and other treasured items.

Visit Your New Hometown

You should spare a weekend and take your kids to your new hometown before making the move permanent. Let them see everything in the new home. Ask them to choose any room they like for playing and painting in advance. It will make them happy and they will eagerly wait for a residential move.

It’s also good to take them to their new neighborhood, to a fun landmark, and by their new school before heading home. This will not only give them better visuals of their new hometown but also keep them calm during pre-move jitters. A pre-move visit will give them a positive memory to associate with their new home.

Don’t Pack Your Kids’ Belongings First

It’s good to start packing as soon as you fixed a relocation date. Because it makes the entire process smooth and peaceful. However, you shouldn’t start your packing from the baby’s belonging first. Leave their belongings like noisy toys, baby gadgets, stuffed animals, etc. for the last days.

After packing their items, ensure to add labeling each box as clearly as possible. It will help out-of-state movers to know where to place all nursery items when loading or unloading the truck.

Moving Out Of state With Kids

Box-up All Baby Essentials

You should box up all baby’s essentials just a few days before leaving for the new destination. Pack all non-essential items first when start packing. Non-essential include all extra toys, clothes, blankets, and other things that kids don’t use frequently.

After packing non-essentials, gather all the essential items into 1 or 2 separate bags. Keep one or both bags along with you when moving. Some essential items include a few favorite toys, bottles, blankets, diapers, wipes, favorite stuffed animal, breast pump, and breastfeeding pillow, etc.

Keep your children as distracted as possible by giving them extra snacks, new toys, extra boxes to play with, or even smartphones to watch cartoons, etc. It will not only give you peace of mind but also to them as well.

Baby-Proof the New Home

You must visit your new home before relocation to make it baby-proof ASAP. We highly recommend you clean the home extensively before moving in. Then, remove any potentially dangerous packing materials from the home.

You should install child-resistant locks on drawers that contain knives, cleaning products, lighters, and other harmful items. Use safety gates to block all dangerous areas like stairways. Secure furniture to prevent tip-overs and windows with windows guards.

Further, you should make sureto keep all medicine away from the reach of children. Plus, don’t forget to cover the electrical outlets with covers.

You can only pay your attention to such things when out-of-state movers will be doing the rest of the tasks like packing, disassembling things on your behalf.

Wrapping Up

Moving and leaving a home with unforgettable memories is no doubt an emotional experience for everyone including children. Because kids are very sensitive to leaving their old lives behind. Due to this experience, they may start whining which can create a little bit of trouble for you during the relocation process.

Therefore, you should take every step very carefully to keep your kids happy. You can let them sneak in a late-night snack or offer them some pizza for breakfast. Let them watch their favorite cartoon they usually beg for. All these little things mean more to the kids than your thinking.

We once again suggest you hire a long-distance moving company for a successful move. It will help you to spare some time for toddlers to keep them calm and happy in this new journey. Hopefully, all these tips will be very helpful to make this process successful.

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